Image of The Ligga Med Invandrare EP - SOLD OUT

The Ligga Med Invandrare EP - SOLD OUT

by The Great German Re-Research

88,00kr / Sold Out

8 hate stompers on 7 inches.
88 SEK/10 EUR including III Reichords lyrics sheet, stickers,
loads of arbitrary paraphernalia, international shipping and what not.
Officially limited (and numbered in blood) to 888 copies.

1. Pay No More Than 10cc
2. Ruskigt Visuell Inspektion
3. I Wish I Was A Nazi Toy
4. Swatsticker

5. Dopetheaft Means Murder
6. Första Mannen På Månen
7. The System vs The Drugs
8. Raggare Is Still A Bunch Of Motherfuckers